Our mission is to be the employer of choice in the veterinary industry.

That means we put our people first and we never compromise on our values:

  1. Do the right thing. Especially when no one is watching.
  2. Continuous improvement. Yard by yard, it’s hard. But inch by inch, it’s a cinch. We will fight for inches.
  3. Accountability. Do what you say and say what you do.
  4. Treat everyone like family. The Golden Rule.
  5. Be genuine in all your dealings. Tell the truth.
  6. Decisive. A sense of urgency is the ante to play. A quick yes or a quick no is better than a long maybe.

Midwest Veterinary Partners is a network of +30 animal hospitals located throughout the Midwest. While it’s important to know what we are, it’s more important to know where we came from and where we’re going. Our mission, to be the employer of choice in the veterinary industry, drives us to take the very best care of our veterinary teams so they can take care of their clients and patients.

While MVP was founded in 2017, the company’s roots were planted in 1998 by two entrepreneurial veterinarians, Dr. Vic Dhillon and Dr. Jeff Rothstein. Dr. Dhillon and Dr. Rothstein first met while they were working together at a clinic in Roseville, Michigan, but parted ways to pursue similar dreams in different states. Dr. Rothstein stayed in Roseville while Dr. Dhillon moved to the Milwaukee area, but the two remained friends as they collectively opened and acquired over 20 animal hospitals between their respective hospital groups, Advanced Animal Hospital Group and Progressive Pet Animal Hospitals. In 2017, they recognized an opportunity that would allow their groups to join forces with a strategic partner, Shore Capital, and merged together forming MVP.

Shore Capital specializes in providing operating expertise and strong financial support to drive transformational growth in healthcare businesses. With a proven veterinary track record and strong industry relationships, Shore Capital assembled a world-class board of directors, empowering MVP to become one of the largest animal hospital groups in the Midwest with a singular focus: to be the employer of choice in the veterinary industry.