Dr. Dhillon, DVM
Co-President Clinical and Medical Operations

Dr. Vic Dhillon grew up on a farm in Punjab, India. Having been around animals since his childhood, Vic was motivated to seek an education in veterinary medicine. Dr. Dhillon has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 20 years since graduating from veterinary school. After practicing as an associate veterinarian at various clinics, Vic decided to venture out independently in 2000 alongside his wife by founding the Advanced Animal Hospital Group. Through a combination of hard work, vision and dedication to the profession, Vic and his wife grew the business into a network of 14 clinics in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan employing 150 people and 30 veterinarians, before joining with Progressive Pet Animal Hospitals to form Midwest Veterinary Partners. Dr. Dhillon enjoys performing quality medicine and surgery and has mentored many young veterinarians. His optimism and passion for veterinary medicine is demonstrated through his dealings with pets, clients and his employees. He likes to focus on improving workflow, organizational structure and practice technologies, which in turn increases Efficiencies.

Vic has been happily married for 25 years and has three daughters, a son and a yellow lab. He loves to run and has completed numerous half marathons. In addition, Vic and his wife have a charity through which they support basic education needs for poor children in his village in India.