If you are considering selling your Midwest-based veterinary practice, please talk to us.

We understand you wish to sell your veterinary practice to someone who will provide the same high-level care you provided. We also understand you wish to retain valued and treasured staff. Our partners are veterinarians with the same vision.

Midwest Veterinary Partners is a veterinarian-led organization seeking like-minded veterinarians to partner with us. We offer a variety of resources and practice transition options to help veterinary owners realize the value from their life’s work. Your veterinary hospital will retain its unique personality, and we will provide the tools for your veterinary practice to flourish as one of our veterinary hospitals.

Our process is straightforward:

  • Give us a call or send us an email and we will contact you. We are happy to discuss by telephone, email or in person confidential visit to see if we can help you reach your goals.
  • The practice valuation is FREE.
  • The process is simple and confidential. Together we will come up with the right price for your practice, and most sales take place within 3-4 months of initial contact with us. We will work hard to find a mutually beneficial agreement to satisfy all owners.
  • You will meet with Midwest Veterinary Partners management during the sale/transition process, along with other owners that have joined Midwest Veterinary Partners. We want you to be comfortable throughout the process and be familiar with everyone in our organization.

Mapping out the future can be overwhelming.

As a veterinary owned and managed network, we understand and we’re here to help. Midwest Veterinary Partners (MVP) can help support you, creating a transition plan that cements the legacy you’ve worked so hard to build.

A partnership with MVP means you’ll enjoy:

  • Medical autonomy
  • Retention of your local brand, employees and practice culture
  • Top-of-the-line financial, HR, operations and marketing support

Are you interested? Contact us!

Evan Stephens, VP of Business Development
Phone: 248-234-4375