Sell your veterinary practice to Midwest Veterinary Partners — our process is straightforward. We seek like-minded veterinary partners who wish to maintain their own brand and clinical autonomy while benefiting from technology investments and exceptional operational and administrative support.

Greater financial liquidity and security

By partnering with Midwest Veterinary Partners, you will be able to acquire the value of your practice, your life-long hard work. You will receive the support from Midwest Veterinary Partners of technology investments, marketing programs and operations efficiencies. You will be able to achieve greater clinical advancement or retirement with fewer transition-planning concerns.

Collaboration with Veterinary Professionals

A partnership with MVP affords you the opportunity to collaborate with veterinary peers and receive support from our team of professionals.

Advanced Support Services Include

• Continued investment in best-in-class technology and equipment.
• Comprehensive operational and strategic support to allow more time for patient care, community engagement, and continuing education.
• A steadfast focus on superior patient care, service, process improvements, training, and professional development.
• Access to a world-class board of independent and veterinary directors with extensive veterinary expertise.
• Partnership with Shore Capital, an experienced, multi-site veterinary services investment partner, which shares your commitment to the highest clinical quality and operational excellence.